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The world of satellite TV and digital TV via the internet is growing all the time, TV using a terrestrial antenna is dead and buried.

Thanks to Digital transmissions, you can achieve high-quality images in 3D, HD and now in Ultra HD also there are now a huge number of channels available to everyone. Almost every smart card for satellite TV to watch TV from all over Europe can be purchased from us.

With Worldsat, watching satellite TV and online TV has never been easier and will deliver the highest quality service you can afford.

Worldsat services

  • Satellite smart card
  • Satellite dishes
  • Decoders
  • Satellite dish installations
  • Internet TV
  • ipTV
  • ip TV boxes
  • VPN
  • Online TV set up and installation

We provide everything you could possibly need to watch your favourite program on TV as well as any TV channel. None of our competitors in Russia can offer you more!

Sky UK via satellite TV or online TV offer a variety of packages:

  • Movies.
  • Sport.
  • Family package.
  • 240 free channels.
  • 63 HD and 3D channels.
  • «On Demand» An online library, with thousands of movies and TV series.
  • «Catch Up» Watch programs from the last 7 days.
  • The Sky + decoder allow you to watch one program while recording two others.

How Online TV works

The biggest advantage now, it is now possible to view channels wirelessly anywhere in the world. When it is impossible to receive a satellite signal then internet TV takes over.

Online TV via sling technology will provide a reliable platform for you watch UK Sky TV.

Your Sky+ box is in the UK connected to a sling box. This allows you to watch your favourite TV program through the internet from anywhere in the world.

To watch your TV programs via a sling requires only a browser and internet access.

Your current Internet connection is usually sufficient to connect and watch UK Sky TV on your computer. Usually a 6 mbps connection is good enough but if in any doubt please check this with your internet service provider.

A world of entertainment

On the pages of Internet TV you will find a variety of offers that have become very popular among all of our clients living and working in Russia.

It does not matter what you are interested in there is always something for the whole family.

  • movies
  • sport
  • news
  • entertainment
  • music
  • children
  • education

World Of Sport online gives you the opportunity to watch sporting action from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Finland TV, 24 hours a day.

On the pages of European cards there is also a huge variety of TV packages, including Sky Italia.
This will give you access to the world of Italian cinema, sport, news and entertainment. This is now available to you all with the service, satellite signal, card for satellite TV and decoder.

How satellite TV works

By connecting satellite TV with a satellite TV card, it is possible to watch channels from anywhere in Europe.

  • The satellite decoder receives an encrypted satellite signal.
  • Next, the receiver then sends it to the TV smart card.
  • Due to a microprocessor card, the received signal is processed.
  • The microprocessor in the card processes the signal.
  • Then it provides a key to decrypt the digital satellite signal.
  • This opens the channel for you to watch.

We always use the most up to date equipment so you can have the best quality and most reliable TV signal to your TV, PC, MAC, iPad, tablet, smart phone, mobile device or Western Digital and MAG 254 IP boxes.

On our site you can find a great choice of satellite and online TV packages for yourself. For you to buy satellite TV or online TV, you only need to select your favourite package on our site if you do not find what you would like, and then simply contact us.


  • DRX595 SkyHD Digibox

    The DRX595 SkyHD Digibox has a similar design to the other Digiboxes in the Sky range, sleek modern design and a high gloss black finish, which can be stored vertically or horizontally.

  • DRX890W Sky+HD Digibox 500GB

    The DRX890W Sky+ HD Digibox has a dark black (matt) curved shape, plus the small case design only found in this latest generation Digibox, it also comes with matching remote.

  • DRX895W Sky+HD Digibox 2TB

    The Sky DRX895W Sky+ HD Digibox stands out from the rest with its premium dark grey/black curved shape, plus the small case design only found in this latest generation Digibox, it also comes with matching remote.

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